Emergency Service

Have a leak and require immediate service? We provide emergency roofing service. Please call 613-353-1212.

Roofing Installation and Repairs

We do residential and new home roofing installations. Please see the Installation Process page for details of the steps we take for a new roof installation to ensure a high quality result and your complete satisfaction.

If in our estimation you do not require a complete roof installation, we will repair existing residential and cottage roofs.

Custom Chimney and Wall Flashing

If you are having issues with the flashing on your existing roof, we can construct and install custom flashing to ensure proper protection of your roof around your chimney and where the roof meets a wall. For new or replacement roofing we will install custom flashing to ensure the integrity and longevity of your new roof.

Skylights and Sun Tunnels

We will supply and install Velux skylights and sun tunnels on new or existing roofs. Please check out the Velux website for a complete list of the available options.

Free Estimates

For any of the above services, please call or email in order to arrange for a free estimate and consultation.