Royal Roofing follows a consistent and reliable process for installing your new roof. We have been in the roofing business for over 20 years and have developed and perfected our process to ensure a high quality result and your complete satisfaction. The steps of our process are:

1. Removal: We will remove and dispose of the existing roofing materials that are to be replaced.

2. Plywood: Any plywood or roof structure that was damaged due to prior leaks will be replaced and/or repaired to ensure a structurally sound foundation for your new roof. Installing a new roof on a damaged or un-structurally sound roof base is equivalent to building a house on sand.

3. Flashing: Anywhere shingles meet up with a chimney or a wall is susceptible to water seeping under the shingles and causing leaks. This is also an issue for the “valleys” formed where shingles meet. It is imperative that the flashing fits perfectly and is secured and sealed properly in order to prevent leaks. We install pre-manufactured valley flashing and will custom-build any other additional required flashing. The flashing will be colour-matched.

4. Eave Starter Strip: This metal strip helps ensure runoff drains efficiently into the eavestrough.

5. Ice and Water Shield: This three-foot wide roofing underlay provides best in class roof leak protection against wind-driven rain and ice dams at the edge of your new roof.

6. Synthetic Underlay: This provides an added level of roof protection. It overlaps the edge of the ice and water shield and extends to the peak of the roof.

7. Ventilation: Building codes require an adequate amount of ventilation to ensure the attic space does not overheat in the summer or allow condensation in the winter. Both of these conditions can reduce the lifespan of the roof or cause damage to the insulation in the attic, which can have a negative impact on your heating and cooling costs. We use the appropriate high-quality Duraflo ventilation units to ensure that your roof meets or exceeds the building code requirements for ventilation.

8. Shingles: We properly install high-quality IKO shingles. We usually recommend the use of their Cambridge architectural fiberglass shingles which carry a limited lifetime warranty. See the Warranties page for details.

9. Clean-up We will pick up and remove any debris. We will also do a magnetic clean-up around your house to ensure that all nails and metal pieces that may have fallen to the ground during the removal and installation steps have been collected and properly disposed of. We also clean out the eavestrough.